An Open Letter to Epic Records re: TeeFlii “Change Your World”

This is an open letter from my networking associate and fellow “Underground” producer @Configa. This a powerful open letter to Epic Records and a lesson for all artists upon the reality, and repercussions of copyright infringement.

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Dear Epic Records,

I write this open letter to you in the hope that one of your more reasonable representatives will see it, read it, and do something about it. Allow me to elaborate.

I’m an “underground” hip-hop producer. Realistically meaning that I’m somebody that doesn’t make music designed for mainstream media or for the intents and purposes of “having a hit”. I make music that I myself want to hear, and as other people enjoy it too, this acts as a blissful by-product. I write this to you by fate – as the very same eclectic online radio show who was scheduled to play my new song firstly played the TeeFlii “Change Your World” song. I was flabbergasted when I heard it, to say the least…

First of all I heard MY beat. The SAME drum pattern, exact SAME piano loop. Except there was an unfamiliar singer over the…

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